Tolomeo Tights by Trasparenze


Normally, floral motifs are arranged in delicate little bundles, usually in a very uniform fashion, and if they don't cover the whole design, they are grouped at the ankle or such. Here, they are done a little differently. These tights use huge floral motifs, with each flower showing up beautiful, with its own space. Instead of a blanket of flora, each item shines through by itself. This is a unique and bold way to reinvent a classic.

* 70 denier
* Soft micorfibre
* Fun floral print
* All over print

Small/Medium: up to 5'7'' / up to 70kg (11 stone)
Large/X Large: 5'1''-5'7'' / 70-85kg (11-13 stone)
                          5'7''-5'10'' / up to 85kg (13 stone)
                          5'10-6'0'' / 50-80kg (8-12 stone 7LBS)

Made in Italy
90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane
Hand wash. Do Not Tumble Dry

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